Virtual Assistant for Food Bloggers

Food Blog Virtual Assistant

As a full-time food blogger and online business owner your days are full, your sink is overflowing and you know it is time to hire some help but where do you start? A virtual assistant is simply put, someone who helps you with specific tasks so that you can focus on the larger areas of your business. Those important tasks that only YOU can do while handing off work that anyone can do. The unique part of hiring a virtual assistant or VA for short , you can save a lot of time! Plus,t you don’t have to hire them full time, pay taxes or even have them in the same state as you. They are a small business owner, the law says independent contractors and just like you they are fully responsible for their own taxes. For your first hire, we recommend a trial test for one project. Then if that goes well you just hire them for a set number of hours or projects. This can be an ongoing relationship or a one-time purchase. The best part is, while you work on tasks in your business your VA is also working so it’s like doubling yourself! It can be the best thing for really growing your blog.

So what does the perfect VA do for you and what important things can they help you with?

Here is a list of Virtual Assistant services that Seo Is Sweet offers to clients.

Keyword Research

Quality Keyword research is one of the most powerful tools to grow your blog with steady organic traffic. I love SEO and I even have the t-shirt, yup, I’m that nerd. Keywords are simply, the words that people type into a search engine in order to find what they’re looking for when they have a problem and need an answer.

Let’s say a cook is in the kitchen looking for a “cookie recipe” when they use Siri or type it into Google, they instantly have some options. When they click on an interesting one to them, it directs them to a website. We want it to be YOUR website.

Now, if someone goes to Google and type in “best chocolate chip cookie recipe”, that is a long tail keyword. Meaning they use several words to describe what they are looking for on Google.

But just using that keyword in your recipe does not mean that you will be in the first second or third spot of Google where the majority of traffic comes from. This is why uncovering the right keywords takes time and energy to find and then create for your blog post.

The process of finding good, quality keywords, that you have the ability to rank for takes time and effort and some handy tools. My favorite tool for this is SEMrush. I use it all the time for clients.

Content Creation Repurposed :

As a blogger the main content that you have on your site should all focus around the main reason you blog. Repurposing that content to use in other forms is a valuable way to reuse your text, images and reuse the “copy” as writers call it. 

Turning blog posts into Instagram stories, FB posts, and Instagram feed posts helps you to drive traffic back to the content that has already been created.

Graphic Design: 

Sometimes you need some graphic design work created for a email opt-in, Pinterest graphics, Instagram graphics, and other small blog projects, we are here to help.

Social Media:

Social media is one of the quickest ways, but not consistent ways, to help drive traffic to your site because you have the ability to reach people who have never heard about you and the amazing ideas you have.

We can help you set up your social media pags to begin with, help you maintain consistency on your chosen platform and utilize it to the fullest.

social media marketing strategies are critical to understand. We will help you walk through what you are doing, why you need to do it or if you need to stop and see what is best for user experience and growing your online presence.

Blog Posts:

The repetitive tasks of uploading your blog post, formatting it in word press, adding all of the pictures, filling in the descriptions and all of those little details take time. We free you up from these repetitive tasks so that you can focus on other things. If you have Affiliate Links for your Amazon affiliates we also help by adding them into your blog posts. We use the current best SEO practices for every post.

Content Calendar or Editorial Calendar:

Planning out a content calendar or editorial calendar for your blogging posts is one of those critical back office tasks that needs to be done but oftentimes overlooked due to the amount of time that is involved in planning it all out thoroughly. We help by doing keyword research and give you a full list of SEO keyword topics you can plan to write about. This can be done in Trello, Airtable, Asana or Google Docs, depending on what you prefer.

Facebook Page Management: 

Your Facebook page has the potential to reach so many people who you’ve never met before, so consistently posting images, the URL to your post and text is a critical piece of SEO. No it may surprise you to think of your Facebook page as helping your SEO, but yes it really does. And here’s what I mean, when there is engagement with your content by someone liking a post, clicking on it, and coming to your website, those signals are tracked and measured by Google as relevant to your audience and this does help with increasing your trustworthiness to search engines. Over time, these engagements on your site through Facebook add up and are good signals that you were site as valuable content, that people are engaging with it and this helps raise your domain authority and trustworthiness which in turn leads to more organic traffic from search engines. We help you stay consistent on Facebook by scheduling your posts for you and saving you 5,10,20 hours a month with this service alone. To add us to your Facebook page this is the step by step process we use.

Technical Issues: 

It’s going to happen, technical issues come up along the way of any blogger and sometimes we have the ability to help but when we do not we also have a resource of a network of professionals that we can guide you to so that your problem can be solved. We aren’t full time tech support but sometimes we can help out.

Email List Building: 

Build your list, build your list, build your list. You’ve probably heard this from so many people but just because you know it doesn’t always you are doing it ? , am I right?

We can help you stay consistent with your very important email list, help you grow that list through specific newsletter opt ins and create them for you. 

Month in and month out as you grow your email list, you were are also growing the amount of traffic that could be funneled back to your site each time you send out a newsletter list. 

The larger your list grows the more traffic your site can have. 

Your blog and your newsletter list are the only two places you have control of everything. The content that goes out, how often the contact goes out, who sees the content and the quality of the content. You are not subject to algorithms on these platforms because you own them. These two components of your business are critical to your growth. If you are doing all the work to create the blog posts, then work just as hard to keep those views coming back to your site! 

Virtual Assistant Charges:

This is going to vary based on the project or the hours of work you hire them for. Small tasks might start at $25. It all depends on what you need for your blog. We do help on day to day tasks, Please contact us for more information about our VA services.

SEO Old Posts:

Search Engine Optimization of old posts is a critical key that is often times overlooked. Google loves to see posts updated and improved. We can help you by analyzing specific posts for what is already working, what is not working, what keywords need to be added to the post in order to improve it and often times keywords that post is ranking for but that you do not specifically talk about in your post. We go back in and update those posts to help you maximize the power within that one post.


We are very comfortable working within WordPress, using the WordPress dashboard, Classic Editor and Gutenburg Block Editor. We use them in our own blog and for our faithful clients and new clients.

Great Tool List:

As a virtual assistant, I see lots of different tools and this is my favorite list of tools that I use and personally have experience with.





Google Search Console

Google Analytics

Google Site Speed

The next step would be to contact us using the link below. Feel free to tell us what specific area of your business you need assistance with and we will see if we are a good fit for your business.