Hi! I am Holly

Welcome to my SEO Services

As a farm girl I grew up understanding the value of hard work and the never-ending work that comes with owning your own business. For many years I studied, practiced, and enjoy having a photography business.

Over the years I’ve helped others with business-related questions and services and helped them with their social media accounts.

Enter Covid 19 and I knew it would be a hard year for photography businesses. I pivoted really hard and scaled my Virtual Assistant Services to help other businesses grow online using the skills I’ve learned over the past 20 years.

SEO is such a powerful tool for growing your business and I love helping others succeed online.

When not working I enjoy the simple pleasures of gardening, taking walks with my family, and exploring our beautiful state of Virginia.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Certifications have you taken?

Learning is my middle name so I continue to learn. My Certifications are:
SEMrush – SEMrush SEO Toolkit Exam
SEMrush – Keyword Research Exam
SEMrush – SEO Fundaments Exam
SEMrush – Competitive Analysis and Keyword Research
Google Analytics Academy – Google Analytics for Beginners

What Courses have you taken?

Jon Dykstra – Long Tail Deep Dive
Nick Kolena – Pricing Psychology
Easy On Page SEO – Debbie Gartner
Get Your Keywords Together – Trinity Owen
Google Analytics Easy as 123 – Debbie Gartner

How do we get started?

Every business is unique and we begin with a telephone or Zoom conversation to discuss what your individual needs and make a plan specifically for you.

What happens first?

After we define your needs I’ll send the contract and invoice to you. Then we begin the 2 week trial period. At the end of two weeks you will be able to decide if we are the best fit for your business needs.

Who will help me?

My team is made up of myself (Holly Weidman) and my two personally trained virtual assistants.

How do I share password information securely?

Your information is kept very secure through the use of LastPass and other security measures. You never have to share your passwords with us.

What System do you use?

We use Asana and Airtable to organize, plan and layout work for each client.

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