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Holly here, your data nerd and certified SEO consultant.

Having worked with Adthrive and Mediavine bloggers with 1-2 million pageviews a year, I’ve seen a lot of traffic and sorted tons of data.

Being mentored by SEO experts with 20+ years of experience helps me give you the highest quality experience and SEO data for your site.

Combing through Google Search Console and Google Analytics gives me more of a rush than ganache truffles and having worked on thousands of blog posts I’ve seen what is working and what is not in the world of SEO.

I can’t wait to work with you and your site,

What It’s Like to Work Together.

Holly generated an extremely detailed SEO Audit for my website with a super quick turn-around. This report began with current data about my site and organic traffic – data that is essential for any business owner who wants to harness the power of organic traffic.
​My custom keyword report also included tips to help improve my site’s current content to boost ranking as well as a detailed list of words that are relevant to my niche. In addition to keywords, a list of alternate keywords and phrases to use was included so I can ensure my content is SEO primed.


Holly is amazing! VERY satisfied with her!


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