Training Videos and SOP

Videos for WordPress

Please save this page for future reference. I’ll work on adding videos over time but this holds the knowledge base for what we do and how we do work.

Overview of WordPress

Add a new Blog post

Start a Revisionzie Post

Limit Modified Date

Meta Description – Yoast

Featured Images

Adding Images

FAQ Block in Rankmath

Formatting Posts

Affiliate Disclosure


Schema RankMath

Adding Tags

Adding in Shortcode Email Optin form

Advanced Jump to

Recipe Index

Meta Description – RankMath

Creating a Draft/Clone of a Post

Newsletter Forever Series Video

Feast Recipe Index

WPRM Recipe Plugin.

Adding FAQs

Hyperlinking 3 Words

No Spaces Around Hyperlinks
Creating Bullet Lists

Formatting Headings

Airtable Videos

Overview of Airtable for a Client but it gives you an idea of the power of it and how we use it.