How to edit a comment on Instagram {Plus, Other Hacks for IG}

 You’ve just written out the perfect Instagram comment on someone’s post, you hit that white airplane to send your post into the internet realm and then realized there’s a spelling mistake or something that you need to correct. Yikes, you frantically look around and can not find the edit button. How do I edit a comment on Instagram you are asking? Don’t worry, you are not alone. As savvy Instagram users, many of us have wondered this very same question.

As advanced as technology has become you would think that you would be able to edit your own comments on a post but unfortunately, you cannot. So your options are to delete your post and re-write the post out again. Bummer, I know right?!

Here are the easy steps to deleting it on an iPhone:

The best way is to simply swipe left over your own comment at the bottom of the photo you just commented on and the grey and red banner will appear and inside the white trash bin will appear on the right-hand side, click on the trash bin symbol, and your comment is deleted. A red banner will then appear at the very top of your screen you will see “1 comment deleted. Tap to undo.” So if at the very last second you have second thoughts, you can quickly tap it to undo your delete action. This does go away very quickly just so you are aware.

If you have ever wanted to amend a comment that you have left on someone else’s account, the only option is to delete the comment and re-write it.

Common questions:

How to tag people on Instagram:

To tag people in a post that you created can be done in several ways. From your mobile phone: If you want to tag them in the photo that you post in your newsfeed you would need to create a post for your news feed by clicking on the white square plus button on your mobile device. Select the photo that you would like to use, and then click on the next button at the top right corner, then you will see the option to tag people. You can search them by their Instagram handle and add them to the post image. When it goes live, this will send a notification to them that they have been tagged as well and they may take the opportunity to share it to their stories which helps gain engagement and your reach to other people who may not know you or follow your account will grow.

In the same section, you can also tag the image for the location in which it was taken. For example, if it was a wedding photo that was taken at a venue you could tag the venue in your image. When anyone else searches for that location in the Instagram search area your image would be located there and anyone can see your picture.

From a desktop computer you can post to the Instagram website using a scheduler. There isn’t a way to post directly to IG using the your preferred browser. But as a Virtual Assistant I use Later to schedule my posts all the time. It saves you a lot of time when you batch edit content.

How to handle Rude comments on Instagram:

Rude comments, if you had the unfortunate experience of having to deal with rude people posting on your images in your news feed you do you have the ability to mark that comment in a couple of different ways. You would do this by swiping left on your iPhone Apple device and hitting the exclamation point option.

You have these options:

  • 1. You can report the comment.
  • 2.You can block that person from your account.
  • 3. You can restrict them.

Depending on the situation you would need to make a judgment call to decide which of those options is most appropriate for you on that particular post.

Sometimes you have unwanted comments from spammers trying to sell some random stuff to your audience and you just don’t want it on there in the first place you that is also a good reason to deal with the comments on a specific post.

But if you need to delete this rude comment or offensive comments that someone has left, you have the ability to do so by using the left swipe option again and selecting the trash can icon on the right-hand side. This will remove the comment from your wall and no one will see it in the future. You will need to do this on every single comment individually.

Editing an individual post.

Let’s say you finally open Instagram, craft the perfect caption for your post, you hit the post button and it is live and lo and behold you see that egregious spelling error that just has to go. How do you edit your individual post for errors like that? Let me show you the best thing to do for this.

Just go into your Instagram feed and click on the image that is live. At the very top you’ll see you were on Instagram name on the left-hand side along with your Instagram profile and then on the right hand side you will see three dots in a row and you need to click on those.

A White menu will pop up with several different options that will allow you to change multiple things but you are going to need to tap edit Click on the edit tab and it will bring up your post text which you can then fully edit any of the text that you have already written. If you need to update any hashtags you can also do that in this area as well.

Edit Alt Text on Instagram:

From this edit option and you will be able to “edit alt text” for your image as well. This is a great way that allows anyone who has visual impairments to know exactly what the image is about. 

Line breaks on Instagram:

There are a few different ways to do this but it depends upon what digital device you are on at that time. On a computer: If you are planning out your content calendar and using a planner like Later or Planoly to schedule out your images and captions, this is one simple way to have it all done ahead of time and with the right spacing, then you can type up your posts as normal on your computer. Then when you want a space, use the enter button but type in “Enter” twice. As your posts are auto-scheduled they will go out with the correct formatting.

On a phone: Now this is a different story. If you want to post a comment and add line breaks on Instagram you will not be able to unless you use a program like

It comes naturally on a phone to want to hit the space button. But that will not help you jump to the next line. 

Some people say to use Notes and then copy and paste it over but that does not work for comments. IG still removes the spacing.

The work around: Now, if you really want to leave a comment with a line break you can repeatedly hit the spacebar, and then add I “.” to help give your some visual eye space but it does leave that little dot on your post.

This will still help you by giving you the break between your text and that valuable white space will appear. This is very helpful to your readers and helps them get over the “big block of text” feeling and it keeps them reading your content.

Another way to help break up that space is to add emojis into your post as the break. This just helps it look friendly, inviting and fun. Try it, you might like it more than you think. 🙂

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